When Is The Right Time To Say “I love You” ? (for guys)

Coming out with the “L” word is a big step in a relationship. when you use it in the wrong time it can sometime have negative effects and not really giving you what you wanted.

Something we need to understand, against popular believes, guys get in the “love zone’ much quicker then girls, seems not true as in the movies and TV shows its many time the girl who is pushing her man to show his feeling but trust me its not how it works in real life.

Guys get attach to girls and have feelings of love quicker then girls to men. that is the truth.

If we fully understand this statement, and this goes out to the guys reading this article: be patient, be patient and be patient.

You may feel you love her right now but if you only been dating for a short while there is a good chance she is still not there, at least not at the same level you are.


So what to do then?

Well best advice I can give to guys out there about this: wait for her to tell you first.

You got nothing really to gain from telling you love her first and everything to lose.

If you come out with the “I love you” and she doesn’t feel the same right now, this can pretty much sabotage everything you had built so far. it will freak her out and put the all¬†relationship in a serious mode.

Instead of that , just focus of having fun with her, have adventure together and creating shared memories.

Someone might say: but I love her and i want her to know that.

Well, there are many more subtle ways to show love. instead of just coming out and saying it, you can show it to her with your actions and the way you treat her (but also here be careful not to over do it)

But isn’t this not being honest?

Well consider this as doing her a favor and respecting the time and space factor.

You are letting her to build her feeling to you in her own pace.  telling you love her will cause her stress if she is not there with you yet.

You love her and that’s great but wait with it.


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