Tinder vs. OK Cupid: Which One Is Right For You?

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, or just Mr. or Mrs. Right Now? Either way, there are a plethora of online options available to modern romance junkies looking for some love. Online dating is ubiquitous in our culture for the first time, and more and more people are open to the possibility of finding love via swipes, winks, and likes.

Tinder vs. OK Cupid

For heterosexual people, generally, Tinder is seen in urban areas as an app designed for casual sex, while OK Cupid Tinder vs. OK Cupid: Which One Is Right For You?has a different branding method. You can specify incredibly specifically what you’re looking for on OK Cupid, from a one night fling to a potential spouse. Both apps are free, and both of them feature those in your geographic region (although on OK Cupid you can change that specification, as well.)

Tinder – fast and efficient

Tinder seems to use the “law of averages” approach — swipe right enough and something will eventually happen. Both sexes can fall victim to superficial scanning and overly critical thumbs.

But the beauty of Tinder is that there’s always more fish in the sea. If you accidentally swipe left on someone you thought was cute, there’s a way to remedy it. And you can simply move on. You might see that sweetie again on a different platform. Who knows?

OK Cupid – why so serious?

OK Cupid does allow for plenty of superficial searching, but there are questionairres available for the more serious searcher, and for those simply looking for highly compatible potential partners. On OK Cupid, you can fill out an incredibly long and detailed profile, specifying exactly what you’re looking for in a mate. Make sure also to read your future sweetheart’s profile carefully — OK Cupid is known for its honesty and the upfrontness of its users.

Tinder might leave more to the intellectual imagination, but it also might leave a good bit to be desired for anyone doing advanced research on their mates. Whether or not you are a person of few words or many will also dictate which app you like best.

OK Cupid is also an industry thought leader, which means that they have a fleshed out blog that offers data and insider advice on how to work the site, and the potential relationships that may come from it! Tinder might be the hot new thing, but OK Cupid is effective, useful, and has added value. While both platforms have their pros and cons, if you’re looking for long term love or simply a more established medium, OK Cupid is the place for you.

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