Tinder vs Meeting in real life – What’s best?

It’s no secret that dating is difficult. And when you’re dating, you have a lot of online options to meet people with. There are dozens of popular dating apps, but none has taken the world so by storm than Tinder.

What is tinder anyway?

If you been out of the dating scene in the last years – Tinder is a dating app that prides itself on its convenient interface, fun swiping feature, and short profiles. When you download Tinder, you’re prompted to make a profile that’s short and to the point. You’re prompted next to add some pictures, and then you can get to swiping.

It’s more fun than other dating apps because Tinder shows you singles in your area, and you can immediately “swipe” left or right if you’re interested in their pictures and profiles. Tinder also has a messaging app, where you can talk to a prospective match and even plan on meeting up.

The great thing about Tinder’s app is that it’s free. You can download it in seconds, access it anywhere you have your smart phone, and have potential matches in seconds.

But what about meeting up in real life? Well, it’s definitely harder than trying to find love on the Internet. There are bars, Meetup groups, churches, and singles mixers in every urban center, but it takes a lot of extraversion and gumption to meet up with someone in real life.

If you meet first on Tinder, however, you can meet up in real life after messaging for awhile. People seem to find that easier than just going out to meet people.

What good about meeting in real life?

In real life, you get the pleasure of seeing people’s facial expressions, hearing their tones, and being able to better gauge their actual interests. On Tinder, you have to sift the muck and deal with lots of crazy messages before meeting your match. The same can be said of the real world, but on Tinder you don’t see the other person until you meet up in real life.

It’s important to remember, online or in real life, to use proper manners and etiquette. Being kind and treating people with respect is important, even if you can’t see their faces.

When messaging, make sure to be positive and upbeat — especially if you want a meeting in real life. When you do meet someone from the Internet, make sure to have a safety plan and a backup in case something goes awry.

This goes for men and women, unfortunately. While Tinder is somewhat self-selecting so there is less reason to be scared than if you were meeting someone you’d never spoken to or Googled before, it’s still important to be kind, respectful, and stay safe.

Dating can be a battlefield Whether you use Tinder or met up in real life, good luck!

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