Quick Guide TO NEVER run out of Conversation

One of the scariest things during a date is having to face with uncomfortable silence when you simply ran out of things to say and you just sit there. clueless.

In his latest blog post Hunt Ethridge from datingadvice.com gives some pointers and topics to never run out of things to talk about, here are the some of the highlights:

“Happiest Moments

happiest moments story highlights the sensitive aspect, balancing out the energies. Women want to know you’re capable of deep emotion and can recognize these moments when they happen.

These aren’t the types of stories where you’re “happy that it’s getting warm out again.” There’s not enough emotion there. Think of moments in your life with a capital “M.” We’ve all had happy moments in life, and it’s good to share them.”

I couldn’t agree more with Hunt there, plus i may add that just talking about happy moments bring that vibe of positivity into the current dialog you are having and will help set the tune in cheerful way.״

“Slightly Embarrassing Experiences

We’ve all fallen down the steps or had something similar happen in our lives. Sure, it was totally embarrassing at the time, but hopefully, it was funny as well. What’s important about this story is it shows you aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself. We all have scars, whether they’re emotional, physical, or mental. The most confident people in the world are the ones who will show people these scars.”

This is a great one. coming as mr. perfect that never made any mistake is not that appealing to most people, I mean who wants to be with a such person?

being a human that made (and will make) mistakes and still being to have a good laugh about it is very attractive. it will send a message to your date that you are not expecting her or him to be perfect and will put them in a more comfortable spot, allowing them to be themselves, with the good and the bad.

“Childhood Memories

This is the emotional equivalent of “Where are you from?” To answer this question, she’ll have to tell you about where she lived, so you’ll get that information. Plus three other important things will happen:

1. You make her remember a happy time.
2. Because memory and emotions are linked, she starts to feel happy.
3. When people share feelings of happiness, they become intertwined.

All of these things will make her want to spend more time with you. Score!”

I personally really love this one, maybe because my childhood was great and I enjoy reflecting on it but mostly because its a wonderful and powerful bridge into knowing the other person better.

Sharing stories and moments from our childhood can create a strong and intimate bond between people. plus you can be sure this is question she/he most likely never heard before, you are showing you have a real interest in knowing them and that’s a winner.

 “Fantasies, Wishes & Goals

Ask her “If you won the lottery tonight, what would be the first thing you would do tomorrow for fun?” Everyone loves the lottery question because it’s fun to fantasize! This question will also tell you what her passions are and what she enjoys doing.

You’ll get her all excited about the possibilities and can then get into the minutiae of the particular island you’d buy, the architectural style of your mansion, and exactly what constitutes a yacht. Keep a mental note of her answers and see if you can incorporate an activity in the future based on one of them.”

The lottery question is simply awesome, we all have so many dreams and fantasies we can not really go for because we have our daily job, school and other responsibilities to take care of.
one might say that all those things are blocking us to do what we really want in life.
so by asking the lottery questing you are really tapping into the most secret deeper sides of your date mind and dreams, something he never really confess to no one (simply because no one is really asking those kind of questions)

this will surely create a special moment between you two.

this ones above are my own personal favorites, if you want to read more about more conversation topics head over to datingadvice.com  

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