Picking up girls during the day? Yes we can!

This days when it seems everyone and everyone are either on tinder/okcupid or some other dating app – we want go back to the basics, to actually having the courage to talk to girls you see on the street/supermarket/library and so on.
in this short article we will let you know how you can get started right away and slowly build your confident and courage to become a day game expert!

Why talk to girls during the day?

because not many are doing that!

if you will ask a girl (and I’m talking about an attractive girl) – how many times is she been approached during the day time – the number will be very low, usually never.

It seems like guys either sending messages on dating apps/websites or only have the courage to talk to girls at a night time scenario when they had a few drinks and feel more brave.

That’s why when you will approach a girl in a playful and honest way during the day time – you will be different from the rest of the pack.

Points for courage

Girls love guys with confidence, and walking up to a girl you find attractive, right there in the middle of day, telling her you find her cute – now that’s right there shows a LOT of confidence.

So much confidence that just the fact you did that – might turn her on.

Because Night game sucks

Approaching girls in a dirty/smoky/noisy night club when everyone is drunk is not ideal in my opinion.

Girls are so use to be hit on by drunk guys in this places so they got their “bitch mask” on , you are just another guy who is trying to score, nothing special.

The day time is just the opposite, you will be unique and special as hardly any guys are doing that.

The Day Game Plan – keep it simple

There is nothing too complected here, you see a girl that you like in some public place , you walk up to her, tell her “Hey I know it sounds random but i just saw you and thought you are cute and wanted to say Hey”

Pretty simple right?

From there just engage in some small convention with her, ask her for a number and take it from there.

If you feel this is too much for you, you can always start by warming up a bit by being social.
Ask people on the street for directions, say good morning to people you don’t know, ask the cashier how was her day.

All those things will help you burst out of your bubble – so when you do see a girl that you like – talking to her and being more direct and will be much easier.



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