Guys – Give Her Space To Miss You

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys are doing over and over again is not understanding the concept of space and time apart while dating a girl.

Don’t Think Like A Dude!

You see, in our simple guy brains it makes perfect sense. I like a girl so I will show her that by constantly messaging her, calling her, and spending time with her…


WRONG! As a matter of fact, there is noting that kills attraction faster then doing those things; neediness is one of the biggest turnoff signs a guy can give a girl.

give her space to miss you

and those actions, the constant calling/messaging/trying to meet her, convey just that, that she is the center of your world, that you need her.

Don’t be too available.

Being too available for her will destroy any mystery and attraction. In order to avoid that you need to have a life!

Do your own shit, spend time with friends, have hobbies,
and have a purpose and a mission in life.

Don’t have those things? Well forget about girls for now and get your life sorted first.

She doesn’t want to be the center of your world, yes she wants to be important to you, but not your reason for living!

Have Value On Your Time.

Another key element to understand is that we as humans don’t appreciate things that come too easily to us. She needs to feel like she earns your time and your presence in her life and not like you are begging for her to accept it.

Just have the mindset that your time here in this world is limited (and it is) and don’t be so quickly happy to throw it away on any girl that shows mild interest in you.

Let Her Miss You

You need to give her time to talk about you with her friends, to wonder about you, to wonder why you are not calling her or what are you doing right now.

You need to give her space to miss you and to wonder about you.

When she always knows what you are up to, where you are, and what you are doing it kills the mystery and the anticipation for the next date.

Be smart and get a life and give her the time and space to be without you and to wonder about you.

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