Got Dumped? Meet The NO CONTACT Rule

So you got dumped? It’s fine! It happens to the best of us.

Now your mind keeps telling you that you have to get her back which will result in stupid things like:

  • Texting her and writing how much you love her
  • Calling her and begging for her to take you back
  • Liking her Facebook photos so she won’t forget you
  • Talking to her friends and trying to get them to help you
  • Showing at her place so you guys could patch things up

When we’re in such a state of mind, we’re irrational! We don’t sound sweet, caring, affectionate…instead: we sound creepy, stalker-ish and desperate. The above list is literally….

The Worst Things You Can Possibly Do!

Doing any, or some of these things will do the exact opposite; it will make you seem desperate or needy and will probably cause your ex to run away from you better thinking it was the right decision to break up.

Enter: The No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is pretty simple and amazingly efficient (and might be your only real chance to get your ex-girlfriend back).

What does the no contact rule say?

Well, pretty simply: you do not contact her! No Facebook. No sms. No drunk calls. No showing up in her work with flowers. No contact!

You disappear from her radar completely.

Why The No Contact Rule Works?

  • You give her time to miss you and to feel how lonely it is to be without you
  • You both have time to forget all the bad stuff that happened in the past
  • You give yourself time to heal emotionally and have a brighter look on things
  • You avoid making mistakes like coming out as desperate and needy

The real crucial point is that you disappearing from her life like that will cause her to miss and wonder about you, and that is a very important element in sparking her attraction to taking you back again.

How long should you go no contact?

Well the standard “time” is anything between 20-40 days, but that also depends on your specific case. Sometimes there is a lot of pain and emotional baggage. In that case you might want to take some more time going no-contact until you feel you can contact her without showing signs of neediness or getting too emotional.

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