5 First Date Must Know Tips

So, you’ve got a hot date tonight, do you? You’ve met someone, you think you might like them, and you’re ready to take them out on the town. This is exciting, and can be nerve wracking for most people, especially those without much dating experience. If you’ve done this all before, good for you. If you haven’t, check out our 5 tips for first dates that you must know:

1) Relax

It can be very difficult, yes, but you’re going to have a great time. Take some deep breaths, and listen to your favorite party music when you get ready. Some people like to blast rap music, while others like country or classic rock music. Talk to your friends and family the day before your date if you’re really nervous. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about a budding new romance!

2) Change up your routine a bit.

Take a little longer to get ready than you normally do. Wash your hair, take a shower, and really enjoy the time you spend on yourself. Being pleasant and not anxious can often come from indulging in a little self care. Maybe you’re meeting up for drinks? Then you should have dinner with some friends first, or watch one of your favorite shows. Do something that makes you feel great — you are great! And you want it to show on your date!

3) Pay Your Bills and Get Some Cash.

Specifically, pay your credit card bills. There’s nothing worse than having a card declined on a date, even if it’s just a glitch. Make sure that that doesn’t happen to you. Another way to make sure you take care of business is to get some cash out before your date. This is also good in case you have to leave the date in a cab or for an emergency. Unfortunately, sometimes dates go bad. And it’s always good to have a little cash on hand for that. Also, you’ll look super smooth if you tip in cash.

4) Don’t Be Late.

You might not want to be early, but don’t be late. The best dates often start when people meet up at the same time. If you’re late, it can seem disrespectful. If you’re early, you might make yourself more nervous by sitting around and thinking. When you get to a date, it’s always good to take a few deep breaths. You don’t want to be rushing in from a train, cab, or parking lot. It might make you get started on the wrong foot!

5) Enjoy Yourself!

Talk as much as your listen, and try to find common interests. It’s easy to talk about books, movies, or other hobbies if you’re interested in the things you love. It’s always good to avoid controversial topics, unless you know you both agree or can speak about them with an open mind toward discussion. Eat good food. Have good conversation. Have a drink. And enjoy yourself! Happy people attract happy mates. Good luck!

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