4 Tinder Boost up advices for the guys

Tinder had change the online gaming scene for ever, it was never easier to meet girls in your local area, all in the speed of a right swipe and a small online chat.

However – as competition grows – you must tweak your tinder profile to overcome the tons of others messages the girls on tinder get bombarded with.

Ask.com came out with a great piece of content, covering all the biggest mistakes are making on tinder, lets take a look.

Your photos suck

If your photos are not good you are not even entering the door, so many guys are lacking at that department as they are completely clueless about how their photos look like to other people, my tip is to ask your women friends/family members – to give you their honest opinion about it.

“Pictures that suck. If you’re petting a drugged out tiger or smiling next to Sea World’s resident dolphin-prisoner, you’re out. One ‘bro pic’ with the boys and beers is okay — but four? You’re a booze hound, not a potential date. Gym selfies or god forbid the bathroom neck-to-dick selfie? You’re a douchebag. Keep it cool, classy, and fun. We all have five pics that show us looking dressed up, dressed down, smiling, active, and having fun.”

Terrible opening

The fist line you set the girl set the tone for everything, make sure you set it in a fun and playful way.

“An introduction that bores. Greetings such as, ‘Hi’, ‘Hey babe’, ‘How’s u’, and ‘Waz up’ are common, boring, and rarely get a reply. Engage a woman with a friendly greeting paired with a compliment and question that begs a reply, and the conversation will flow. Your intro is the start to app dating’s 100 meter dash — fail early, and your race is over.”

Chill out and take it slower

Most girl wont feel comfortable meeting someone they didn’t built some what of a rapport with. look it from the girl prospective, they are about to meet some strange man they meet on a dating app online. they wont to be sure you are not some kind of a creep or just some random crazy man.

“A lack of patience. When you want to meet NOW, women sense you’re looking to greet, mount, hump, and leave. What’s the rush? Exhibit patience… it shows you’re willing to get to know your date while laughing and appreciating her smile. Patience builds comfort instead of reeking of desperation, as a relaxed date is a cozy, fun date.”

Hold on with the sexy talk

Girls don’t operate quickly as man, they need to warm up slowly and going straight up and being sexual is not a good plan as you will just come up as desperate and needy.

“You’re dirty way too soon. There are many women interested in wine, chat, laughs, and if that spark is there? Damn good sex will follow. But opening a chat with ‘Babe, u DTF?’ or ‘Can you polish my purple dolphin?’ is amateurish and douche-baggery bullsh*t.”

see complete article at askmen 


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